School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering

Our research addresses a combination of materials science, laser technology, manufacturing technology, technical chemistry and particle technology. The process chain from the scalable production of powders to their application in additive manufacturing and the component functionality of the printed parts will be investigated. Our research is driven by the goal of harnessing the outstanding properties of functional nanoparticles in powder materials, demonstrators and products for 3D printing. We want to comprehensively investigate the entire process and the effect chain of additive manufacturing up to the material properties in a holistic approach. Our research activities are divided into the following three groups:

1. Production of functional particles

a. Upscaling of composite powder production

b. Preparation of alloy and mixed oxide nanoparticles

c. Fundamental studies on cavitation effects

Selected reference: RSC Advances 9, 18547 (2019)

2. Additive manufacturing - Metals

a. Materials for high temperature applications

b. Magnets for energy applications

c. Tool steels for tool and mold making

Selected reference: Acta Materialia 206, 116566, (2021)

3. Additive manufacturing - Polymers

a. Magnetic polymers

b. Optically active plastics

c. Biologically-active plastics

Selected reference: Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8, 12204, (2020)

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