School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering

Group "Additive Manufacturing of Metal"

The research group "Additive Manufacturing of Metals" is dedicated to the development of new materials for additive manufacturing (AM). The high geometric flexibility in the production combined with novel material concepts enables a range of innovative applications in various industries, e.g., turbomachinery, aerospace, energy production and medical technology. New alloys and compounds, such as ODS materials, eutectic alloys or multi-material composites, enable the targeted and also local optimization of component properties. Material-adapted exposure strategies, temperature control and sophisticated materials engineering allow defects to be minimized, component performance to be improved and non-weldable alloys to be processed. The group's research encompasses the development of current and future structural materials with outstanding high-temperature, mechanical, chemical or magnetic properties, while working to improve the environmental performance of the entire process chain. Powder production, component design, and both electron beam and laser-based manufacturing processes and machines are continuously developed and researched by our experts in the fields of materials science, mechanical engineering and physics to deepen the understanding of interactions and correlations in the process-material property systems.

Group members

Group leader

Dr.-Ing. Rittinghaus, Silja-Katharina

PhD candidates

Goßling, Mareen

Shokri, Hamed

Dr. Zhirnov, Ivan

Laboratory Engineer

Dr.-Ing. Erdmann, Ingo

Bachelor and Master Candidates

Behrens, Daniel

Korthaus, Nikolas

Vehrs, Jan Hendrik

Student Research Assistant

Behrens, Daniel

Dell´Anno, Johanna

Rosen, Jonas

Former Assistants and Candidates

Aksoy, Adem

Borchert, Daniel

Makonin, Eduard (ext.)

Richter, Jasper

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