School of Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering

Univ.-Prof. Dr. habil. Bilal Gökce

Head of Chair

University of Wuppertal
Chair of Materials Science and Additive Manufacturing
Gaußstr. 20
42119 Wuppertal

Raum: W.11.038
Tel.: +49 (0) 202 / 439 - 5340
E-Mail: goekce{at}

Scientific Development

<b>2021 </b> Full Professor of Materials Science and Additive Manufacturing at <a href="" target="_blank">University of Wuppertal</a>
<b>2018 </b> Habilitation and Venia legendi in Chemical Engineering, <a href="" target="_blank">University of Duisburg-Essen</a>
<b>2017 </b> Visiting Scholar at <a href="" target="_blank">Massachusetts Institute of Technology</a>, Center for Material Science and Engineering
<b>2014 - 2021 </b> Group Leader at <a href="" target="_blank">University of Duisburg-Essen</a>, Materials for Additive Manufacturing
<b>2013 - 2014 </b> Researcher at <a href="" target="_blank">T-Systems International</a>, Laser Applications
<b>2012 - 2013 </b> Postdoc at <a href="" target="_blank">North Carolina State University</a>, Nonlinear Optics
<b>2012 </b> PhD in Physics (Optics and Laser Physics)
<b>2009 - 2012 </b> PhD student at <a href="" target="_blank">North Carolina State University</a>
<b>2007 - 2009 </b> Researcher at <a href="" target="_blank">Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology</a>, Laser Material Processing
<b>2008 </b> Diplom in Physics (Solid State Physics and Laser Technology)
<b>2003 - 2008 </b> Diplom student at <a href="" target="_blank">RWTH Aachen University</a>


<b>2021 </b> Berthold Leibinger Innovation Prize
<b>2020 </b> Accepted into the DFG Heisenberg Programme
<b>2018 </b> Fojtik-Henglein Prize
<b>2017 </b> DAAD Research Stipend
<b>2015 </b> Fellow of the Global Young Faculty
<b>2009 </b> North Carolina State University Provost's Fellowship

Further activities

<b>2020 Guest Editor, Special Issue on Materials for Laser Additive Manufacturing, Materials and Design, Elsevier
<b>since 2019 Member, DFG CRC/TRR " Hysteresis Design of Magnetic Materials for Efficient Energy Conversion "
<b>2019 Guest Editor, Special Issue on Laser Interactions with Materials, Applied Surface Science, Elsevier
<b>2018 - 2020 Editorial Board, Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group
<b>2018 Guest Editor, Special Issue on Nanoscience, Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier
<b>since 2017 Scientific Manager, DFG Priority Program 2122, "Materials for laser-based additive manufacturing"
<b>2017 Guest Editor, Special Issue on Colloids with Lasers, ChemPhysChem, Wiley-VCH
<b>since 2014 Assistant Editor, Applied Surface Science, Elsevier

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